Hi, Hello, Welcome

It’s crazy to think I’ve taken the leap. The site has been created, the photos have been taken, and the posts have been written. It’s now time.

My name is Debbie. This site will be about the things that matter to me–taking care of my skin, how to take better care of myself, and the different means I express myself. Ever since high school, I have had a deep interest in skincare. After some horrid experiments, I’ve started listening to my body and given it the love it deserves. 

However, this site will not only be about skin and how to make certain switches in your life. It will also be on random questions I have thought and looked up with almost no result. It will be on pet peeves, my experiences, my styles, and the way I have decided to express self love. 

I hope at least one of these topics interest you because they are issues that should be spoken about.